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Download and fill out our patient intake form prior to your visit.



How do I get an appointment?

To become a client at Laser Surgery Care, we will first ask you for your insurance information in order to determine your coverage and eligibility. From there, you will be provided with a secure link to provide us with your basic registration details. Filling this out ahead of time negates the need for any fussy paperwork that you’re used to filling out in-office, and allows for the physician to see and treat you without the customary long wait times generally associated with going to the doctor’s office. Get started by registering for an appointment today.

Have you had any prior testing done?

If you have had any recent testing done pertaining to your visit with Bespoke, please provide us with copies of the reports prior to your consultation with us.

Do I need to prepare for my consultation in any way?

No preparation is necessary for your office visits. Some patients utilizing our proctological services may prefer to cleanse or utilize an enema prior to their consultation, but we ask you not to do so as it may irritate the examination site or interfere with obtaining an adequate cytology sample should one be necessary.

Will the doctor operate on my initial visit?

It depends. If the procedure can be done without sedation, and it is safe to do it at the initial visit, it may be possible. Sometimes additional testing is recommended before going to surgery. If you require sedation for your operation, it will have to be scheduled for a later date.

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